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About Me

Sandra Murphy is an award-winning actress who has narrated over 100 audiobooks across a wide range of genres, authors, and accents. She is sought-after for embodying uncomfortable topics, such as human trafficking, mental health issues and domestic violence. On the lighter side, Sandra has a strong sense of comedic timing and a fierce sarcastic wit, which makes her perfect for quirky sleuths, empowered female heroines, and irreverent non-fiction. Listeners enjoy her “flawless” character work where she “adds just the right amount of flair and drama” to the story. 

In medical narration and e-learning, Sandra acts as your most beloved college professor with her innate sophistication that makes dense language accessible. As an improvisational actress, she embodies believable characters in crisis for first responders. This first-hand experience informs her performances in mystery, thriller, and suspense narrations. She loves saying “yes and” to an author’s intent and to life in general.

"Sandra is very professional and her voice is fascinating."

- Mind Methods - United Kingdom

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