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Murphy's character work is wonderful.” 

Rod Lewis, SaidNotRead


“ The narrator makes the story better than reading the book.”
- Audible listener
Audiobook Demos

Sandra’s first stage experience was in her family room at the age of two, clowning around with a bucket on her head  . . . that ended in stitches. She found the theatre stage to be less dangerous and enjoyed expressing her creativity there throughout high school and college. 

Professionally, Sandra’s career began in production.  She is well versed in everything from managing companies of actors, overseeing budgets, organizing logistics, to being responsible for scores of people traversing the globe.

Life has its way of coming full circle.  Sandra has found her true home expressing her creativity through acting.  She knows that there is so much more to a story than the words on the page and is adept at using her theatrical instincts to bring copy to life.  Her production background ensures that Sandra will be efficient with your time and money whether behind a microphone or on set.

On her time off she loves to spend time with her husband and daughters which often includes cooking amazing food, laughing hysterically, and dancing in the kitchen.  On those truly blessed occasions when all production deadlines are met and her family well fed, you will find her just relaxing in the backyard on her hammock, book in hand.

"Sandra is very professional. 
She is attentive to details
and her voice is fascinating."


- Mind Methods - United Kingdom


In addition to audiobook narration, Sandra Murphy is well versed in medical narration, e-learning, and commercial voice over.  Demos available on request.

"Sandra is very thorough with the work she provides and
strives to ensure clients are completely happy with the delivery.
I am so impressed with her absolute professionalism through every milestone of this project."

- Annette Reilly, Kinesiologist - Ireland


"I loved working with Voice Mama and will definitely work with her again. "

Art Dubai Fair - United Arab Emirates

Sandra Murphy Voice Mama
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Voice Over, On Camera, Print

Big Fish Talent, Emily Rushing






Sandra would love to take care of your spoken needs.  Just tell her what you're looking for and she'll be happy to provide you with a sample voice over, some creative ideas, and a proposal that will get the job done. 

Success! Message received.

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